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Before joining an estate agency, smart agents will make sure they get along with the principal or manager of that agency. It’s a big decision to join an agency and there are many things to consider. Does your principal have the necessary experience to guide you? How about an effective business structure and efficient administrative support? Maybe you’re looking for proven productivity solutions, technology or training. Maybe you just want your principal to be a nice person.

Well, there are great principals and managers managing some South African estate agencies. I know these property professionals and their dedication to their agencies. Some of them are still actively selling properties themselves. Others are focused on running their agencies. A number of them are developing their agents. A few are administrative boffins.

Do you want to be managed or do you prefer to be led?

We do not believe in managers. Keller Williams sales associates are business owners and business owners don’t need to be managed. They deserve leadership that guides and assists them to build business worth owning. At Keller Williams this is provided not by one individual but by an entire leadership group.

The core leadership group of a typical Keller Williams Market Centre consists of an Operating Partner, Team Leader, Market Centre¬†Administrator, Productivity Coach and Director of First Impressions. KW associates benefit from direct access to many years’ combined high-level real estate experience. This most often includes experience in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sales, developments, rentals and property management. Between them, a KW leadership group ran everything from franchised single estate agencies to multi-office independent agencies. They were single estate agents just starting out once. They often also led big sales teams to market dominance. Our leaders experienced booming markets and they survived and thrived in down markets.

What could this level of experience mean for your real estate business?

The mind once enlightened cannot become dark again – Thomas Paine

To arrange a confidential business consultation with the leadership group of the Market Centre nearest to you, click here. We will be in touch with you soon.

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